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My Resolutions: Starting 2017 on the Right Foot!

Most of us make them, hellbent on making the new year mean a new you. Resolution are a tradition of second chances and fresh starts. This year I know I will be making my fair share of them. I want to take advantage of the new year’s opportunities and make 2017 the year that 2016 should have been.


Firstly, my biggest resolution is to continue on my weight loss journey. I plan on stepping it up by making small changes to my lifestyle. I resolve to workout at least once a day and go on a walk as well. I also resolve to stick to my eating plan, the 21 Day Fix. The 21 Day Fix teaches you about portion control and making healthy choices for 21 days at a time to create new habits. I find that this plan really works. Learn more about it here.


I also want to focus on my relationships more. I want to become a better listener and make myself more available to the people I love. I rely so heavily on them, I want to make sure that they can do the same with me.


Lastly, I am making some resolutions about my blog as well! I am going to be posting more frequently and become more organized with my blogging. Hopefully these changes will lead to positive results! Let me know what you want me to blog about in the comments.

You can read about how to keep and achieve your own resolutions this New Year, here.

13 thoughts on “My Resolutions: Starting 2017 on the Right Foot!

  1. Those are really awesome resolutions. I love making these resolutions {I love to use the term goal} at the beginning of the year, too. Here’s to sticking to your goals and achieving them all this year! And, yeah, I would love to include that last bit on my list, as well, I would really love to post more regularly on my blog and keep up with all the blogging groups I joined on Facebook.

  2. We all have realistic resolutions and I think yours are the most inspirational. Good luck to us!

  3. Those are lovely resolutions. Life is short and it’s always nice to focus on the good things and being with our loved ones as well. We have to show them how much they matter to us.

  4. I wish you all the best with what you want to accomplish in 2017! I hope that you have many great strides with both your blog and weight loss goals.

  5. It’s a good start of the year for you. This is an inspiring post for a person like me who’s always busy at work and at home, I dont have any new year’s resolution. but now I have come up to an idea.. anyway, good luck to your relationship!

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