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October, That’s A Wrap!

I’m not going to lie, my October has been one big setback. It all started when I got back from a trip at the end of September and ran out of one of my medications, I briefly addressed that issue here. I was without it for three days and became physically ill. I was racked with chills, nausea, throbbing headaches, and more. It was excruciating. After those horrible three days my prescription was filled, but unfortunately the damage had been done. I believe, and so does my doctor, that being without my prescription caused a relapse in my depression. To counteract my symptoms, he put me on a new drug and when it didn’t produce the results we expected, he quickly swapped me to another drug. The second medication made me so physically ill that I had to go to the hospital and quickly stop taking it. As of today I’m still figuring out how to manage. I’ve been frustrated with this whole process, but I’m not giving up. I’m confident that I can get back to where I was in September. I’m not done with my journey to be healthy. This month has just been a small bump, not a complete derailment!

This monthly check-in will not be like the others. There are no accomplishments to post because my biggest accomplishment everyday this month was getting myself out of bed. There is no weight loss to report because I haven’t had the energy or drive to work out or cook healthy meals. My only goal for the next month is to get back to where I was, to put myself on a healthy schedule and stick to it. I look forward to my November check-in, full of improvements and goals met.

I’m feeling a bit better now and currently enjoying spending my time with family in Massachusetts for Halloween, it’s much more fun to celebrate with the nieces! I am having so much fun with them, they are the perfect motivators. This was definitely the break I  desperately needed, to get out of my environment and clear my mind. Today is Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday! I hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween too, and keep the fun going into November! Be safe, and stay healthy!


My nieces Addie and Millie. Read more about them on their mom’s blog at

29 thoughts on “October, That’s A Wrap!

  1. Sorry your October wasn’t so good but I would still classify it as an accomplishment after everything that has happened you still getting up and moving forward and working hard. Thats the start and success is near

  2. You know, I loved reading this post because I loved how honest you are! Sometimes the month isn’t gonna be the best and sometimes the biggest accomplishment is getting yourself out of bed! Praying for a better month for you this month!

  3. I think we all go through such setbacks in our life in all of a sudden and I am sorry that you have to go through it. But please make sure to stay positive and I am sure everything will get better gradually.

  4. Keep fighting it girl you will do well! Life can be challenging but it looks like you do have a handle on it. Keep working on getting healthier. Enjoy your family it looks like it’s beautiful.

  5. Hang in there and hoping November is better. We are hoping the same for our daughter… first a broken wrist and then two weeks later pneumonia, November has to be better.

  6. I hope everything keeps going well for you! It’s good that you’re not experiencing anything challenging anymore. Just keep swimming through life! Everything’s going to be fine.

  7. Love, you are doing amazing! Keeping yourself healthy is not easy when you’re derailed. The important thing is that you are not giving up! We love having you here and I know we’ll miss you both a lot when you leave this week! Chin up, get some rest… enjoy the girls (they are SO in love with you), and know that this will pass. It is the hardest to be in the storm, but we’re here to help you weather it all. Lots of love <3

  8. Sweetheart – don’t under estimate yourself! Getting out of bed every day while dealing with those issues is a huge accomplishment. You are awesome!! Looking forward to your next post 😊

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